TouchView Integrated
Touch and Display Controllers

To display manufacturers integration isn’t an abstract idea; it’s a true difference-maker. Touch sensor integration delivers thinner and brighter displays with more responsive touch performance. Touch and Display Driver Integration (TDDI) combines two chips into one, for even greater manufacturing efficiency.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced Touch Features
    Virtually all of the features of Synaptics' advanced touch controllers are available in our TouchView solutions, including smooth, fast performance, moisture resilience, and variable force sensing.
  • Advanced DDIC Features
    TouchView also supports Synaptics' advanced display-driver IC features, developed to enhance a displays brightness, color, contrast, readability in sunlight, and power efficiency.
  • Superior Industrial Design
    TouchView solutions result in thinner, brighter displays, and single-chip integrated controllers minimize component count for maximum industrial design flexibility.
  • Certified for Automotive
    TouchView touch and display controllers are certified for demanding automotive applications that uses larger displays.


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