Touch Sensing

Consumers naturally demand more from their touchscreen devices, but they also want the devices' advanced capabilities to be intuitive. Synaptics capacitive-touch sensing technology addresses both sides of that user-experience equation by enabling features such as vertical-dimension navigation; precision input from pens, fingernails and gloves; side-of-the-device interactions; wet-screen tolerance; customized gestures; and single-touch device wake-up.

What's Involved in
A Simple Touch

So Advanced It's Simple

To continue advancing the state-of-the-art in touch sensing technology, Synaptics engineers and scientists constantly leverage their collective core competencies in:

  • Mixed-signal circuit design
  • Materials science
  • Antenna theory
  • Pattern recognition
  • Image processing
  • Statistical signal processing
  • Computer architectures
  • Communications theory

The result? A continually improving end-user experience.

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