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Export Compliance Policy

It is the policy of Synaptics, Inc. to comply with all U.S. export control laws and regulations regarding the export/reexport of its products, services, software, and technology. Synaptics is also committed to compliance with similar laws in other countries where Synaptics operates its business. Under no circumstances will exports be made contrary to U.S. or other applicable export regulations by any individual operating on behalf of the company. Synaptics partners with suppliers and contract manufacturers who are committed to the same export control policy.

Export Classifications

The Synaptics products listed below are non-U.S.-made items and not subject to control under the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR Part 730-774), administered by the Department of Commerce within the Bureau of Industry & Security. Nor does Synaptics have any products, software, or technology controlled under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), administered by the U.S. Department of State.

However, because foreign-made items can become subject to the EAR (e.g.  by virtue of being inside the US) and because it may be helpful information for our customers, Synaptics has provided the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) and Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) for each product on the chart below. This product classification chart is for reference only and does not take into consideration the specifics of any given transaction, where factors such as country of destination, end-user, and end-use may impact license determination (e.g. whether the end-user is on a restricted parties list or whether the end-use is prohibited).

If you require additional assistance, or have questions about your compliance obligations, we recommend you visit the Bureau of Industry & Security website for U.S. or Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) for Japan.

If you have questions concerning Synaptics Export Compliance, please contact us at exportcontrol@synaptics.com

For other technical issues and general information, etc., please contact us at info@synaptics.com.

Table Last Updated: May 03, 2017

TouchPad EAR99 Self-classified 8471.60.7000
ForcePad EAR99 Self-classified 8471.60.7000
ClickPad EAR99 Self-classified 8471.60.7000
TouchStyk EAR99 Self-classified 8471.60.7000
SecurePad EAR99 Self-classified 8471.60.7000
ClearPad EAR99 Self-classified 8542.39.0001
Video Timing Controllers EAR99 Self-classified 8542.39.0001
Display Drivers (Without Controllers) EAR99 G166774 8542.39.0001
Display Drivers (With Controller) EAR99 G166774 8542.31.0001
Natural ID Fingerprint Sensors EAR99 Self-classified 8471.60.7000
Natural ID Fingerprint Sensor VFS131 EAR99 G053214 8471.60.7000
Natural ID Fingerprint Sensor VFS161 EAR99 G053214 8471.60.7000
Natural ID Fingerprint Sensor VFS201 EAR99 G053214 8471.60.7000
Natural ID Fingerprint Sensor VFS202 EAR99 G053214 8471.60.7000
Natural ID Fingerprint Sensor VFS451 EAR99 G079347 8471.60.7000

Note: The US HTS code in above table is for reference only and it may be different in other countries.

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