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Proven Solutions

Proven Solutions

Touch Interface Module

The proven touch interface solution from the market leader. Years of perfecting the user experience has resulted in a TouchPad with excellent pointing ballistics, natural response and feel, and TypeGuard™ -- palm rejection algorithms that virtually eliminate accidental selection for your hand resting on your notebook PC.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced Driver
    Fully customizable driver for advanced gestures, from 2-finger scrolling to PinchZoom and more.
  • TypeGuard™
    Patented Accidental Contact Mitigation (ACM) reduces accidental taps and clicks.
  • Portfolio of Solutions
    A variety of sensor types, mechanical design choices, and driver features enable OEMs to create differentiated products.
  • Multi-finger Sensing
    Enables advanced gestures such as pinch and zoom, 3-finger flick, and more.
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